The Welcome Bay School Integrated Curriculum

The Curriculum at Welcome Bay School provides an innovative approach that focuses on the key areas of Literacy and Numeracy through everything we do.  It integrates all subject areas through the key attributes of the Welcome Bay Learner.  We strive to achieve optimum learning and we aim to deliver high quality and consistent programmes across our school. We offer students a wide range of opportunities to experience learning in a variety of ways such  as sporting and cultural events, leadership, and the Arts.


Welcome Bay School considers Literacy to be an important part of a learner developing self identity to communicate with others and to make meaning of the things around them. Therefore, the way a child sees and participates in their social, cultural and intellectual school world is expressed in the language choices a learner makes, in order to successfully express themselves, reflect on, reason, and clarify.


Maths is a life skill, which children need in order to function successfully in all aspects of society.  Children need to develop a toolkit containing mathematical knowledge and skills that they can call on to use a variety of strategies to creatively solve everyday problems. Children need to be provided with opportunities to build on previous knowledge providing them with a strong foundation to continually add to.

Curriculum Integration encourages children to take ownership of their learning as they develop life long skills that will aid them well past the classroom.
It is an authentic platform that allows children naturally to make links to the world in which they live and the learning within the classroom.  We encompass relevant and natural links to show that learning is not an isolated event but rather a holistic approach. Curriculum Integration at Welcome Bay School is the way we join all aspects of learning together to reflect the attitudes, values, skills and life strategies of the Welcome Bay Learner.

Learning through an integrated approach to curriculum enables students to perceive the natural relationships and links between the areas that make up our comprehensive school curriculum.

Our Curriculum Principles

Opportunities are provided for students to develop the attributes of the Welcome Bay Learner through engagement in lessons. The key goals are:

  •  Teaching and learning as Inquiry
  • Deep understanding of content
  •  Development of learners thinking and learning abilities
  •  Development of learners’ attitudes toward thinking and learning
  •  A supportive learning environment
  •  Encouraging Reflective thought and action
  •  Connections through thinking tools
  •  Enhancing the relevance of new learning
  •  Facilitating shared learning
  •  Making connections to learning and experience
  •  Providing opportunities to learn
Our children are the school’s most valuable resource.