Introducing the
new Welcome Bay School
logo and brand!

The work on this development, which actually started many years ago, has had the involvement of school staff, and community, all helping to create the Welcome Bay Learner! Secondly, we have been very fortunate to have a talented teachers, working hard with the children and a variety of others to develop the art work of the five birds, and also having a major role in developing our final design as shown below.  Our logo/brand is used around our school in directional signage including class names, and is also on our contemporary sign at the front of our school.

The logo is a feather representing the five birds that contribute to the Welcome Bay Learner and the birds environments. The feather also represents flight and is a direct link to our school vision statement and whakatauki…“Ma te huruhuru ka rere te manu, 
Adorn the birds with feathers so that it can fly!”
Our children are the school’s most valuable resource.