Our Fantastic Team

Our Team

At Welcome Bay School we value partnership with our parents and whanau.  A key to developing an effective partnership is communication.  One way of communicating with your child’s teacher, or with the school leadership team is via email. If you have any questions, would like to share some important information regarding your child with their teacher, or simply want to send through some positive feedback, email by clicking the link below.  We look forward to hearing from you and hope you find this form of communication helpful in supporting your child to fly in their life and learning at Welcome Bay School.


Don’t hesitate to stop in and make an enquiry from our amazing Office administrator.

Nik House


Nik House has been the Principal at Welcome Bay for approx 5 years and during this time has seen some exciting growth in the school and wider community.  Nik feels absolutely honoured to lead such a great school in a growing and diverse community and is excited about the future for Welcome Bay.

Nikki Keys

Deputy Principal

Nikki Keys is the Deputy Principal and also support our students with diverse learning needs.  Nikki has a wealth of experience and knowledge in her role as a leader in our school and is an important part of our learning community.

Cherie Stirling

Office Administrator

Cherie is a highly valued member of our team and normally the first friendly face to greet you as you enter our school.  What Cherie doesn’t know about our school after many years of support as a staff member, she will do her best to find out for you.  Come in and ask Cherie for an enrolment pack if you are new to our school.

Hub 1 – First Flight – New Entrants and Year 1

Hub Guardian: Kathryn Absalom: kathryn@welcomebay.school.nz

Julia Bishop: julia@welcomebay.school.nz

Kay McKinlay: kay@welcomebay.school.nz

Suzanne Kendrix: suzanne@welcomebay.school.nz

Ester Greef: ester@welcomebay.school.nz

Hub 2 – Take Flight – Years 2 & 3

Hub Guardian: Katreena Daniels : katreena@welcomebay.school.nz

Kez McGovern: kez@welcomebay.school.nz

Lynne Anthony: lynne@welcomebay.school.nz

Glenda Honeyfield: glenda@welcomebay.school.nz

Hub 3 – Flight Path – Years 3 & 4

Hub Guardian: Fraser Stirling: fraser@welcomebay.school.nz

Becky Mellor: becky@welcomebay.school.nz

Kylie Christian: kylie@welcomebay.school.nz

Hub 4 – Flight Deck – Years 5 & 6

Hub Guardian: Jodie Fly : jodie@welcomebay.school.nz

Michelle Barker: michelle@welcomebay.school.nz

Nathan Buller: nathan@welcomebay.school.nz